Who Makes The Best Hamburger Press?

The best hamburger press on the market today is the My Burger Daddy line of burger makers. Their burger presses are made of stainless for the commercial models and aluminum for the consumer based product line. A hamburger press is an extremely useful tool that can save a great deal of time. Creating burgers in a machine allows the user the ability to control what’s in their burgers as well.

Best Hamburger Press
My Burger Daddy 1105

Criteria for the Best Hamburger Press:

How the Hamburger Press Felt

OK so this may sound a bit weird, but a few of the burger presses we tested were very sloppy and poorly constructed. The commercial models that used all stainless steel construction fared the best when we dropped them a few times. Although dropping wasn’t recommended by any of the manufacturers, they do get abused a bit in the commercial kitchen Environment.


The Best Burger Press Feet

All of the presses we tested had rubber feet. However it’s the ones that have suction cups that worked the best under the pressure and weight when we squeezed the meat. One of the benefits to the commercial models is the stainless construction so we really put a lot of pressure on the arm of the unit. We found the ones that just sat on the work table and didn’t provide suction cups had a tendency to slip under the strain.

Correctly size the Hamburger Press

What we mean here is pick the right diameter hamburger press. If you are looking to make ½ pound burgers you’ll need a 5” model. Here is a size chart:
Up to 6oz 4” Hamburger Press
Up to 8oz 5” Hamburger Press
Up to 16oz 6” Hamburger Press
As you can see its relative easy to pick the correct size. Up until recently you would need to buy a separate model for each of the sizes you wanted to make. Fortunately, My Burger Daddy has just released a model with interchangeable heads that does 4” and 5” for around $250. It’s a great value considering each model sold separately runs about $300.

Best Hamburger Press ease of use

The smaller units we tested were horrible at making burgers. We tested a number of units that have a round disk on the bottom and another round disk with a piece of wood coming from the top. They look like a manual stamp machine. Although you can buy them for under $20 they get the meat for the hamburger stuck in the bottom portion and in order to get it out we had to slam it on the table. This process not only made a lot of noise but also deformed the burger. Once we fixed the burger it didn’t save us any time at all and looked just like one made by hand. We did discover a work around. We threw a 5” My Burger Daddy paper in the bottom and they came out fine. The issue is that they don’t come with papers, so if you’re getting frustrated, pick up a pack of 1000 5” rounds…. That should last you a few years…

best Burger Maker

The Perfect Burger Maker process

We found the best way to make 100 Hamburgers at a time was to do it in stages.
1. Grind the meat. There are a number of recipes out there but we liked the 15% fat top beef ratio. When we went leaner the meat fell apart when we cooked them.
2. Use a scale and portion each one out and put them on wax paper
3. Once we were done we put them back into the refrigerator. We wanted them to cool back down and get firmer.
4. We put the round wax paper down on the machine, picked up the burger with another piece of wax paper and smooshed it down a bit so the swinging head wouldn’t hit the meat. Don’t worry, you’ll see exactly what we are talking about.
Hamburger Maker Clean Up
After we made a mess with all the machines, we unscrewed the parts that touched the meat and threw them in the dishwasher. The stainless models came out perfectly clean. With minimal assembly we were back up and running.
Where Can You Purchase Them?
With a quick search in google the My Burger Daddy models were readily available. There are a number of retailers that carry the product line. In addition, they can be found in a number of hunting related shops and retailers. Many popular websites have been offering them with Yourburgermaker.com, Overstock.com, Wayfair, Foodservice Warehouse store and Cook’s Direct being among the most popular. You might also discover these presses at numerous outlet store although those stores have the tendency to not carry the complete product line.
The My Burger Daddy 1105 Hamburger Press is great for home use. Making burgers for later use is easy and convenient. The 5 inch burger is about ½ pounds and can easily be frozen. Not only does it make burgers, but it also makes crab cakes and veggie burgers.
Overall, the best hamburger press is made of stainless, has rubber suction cups on the feet, is easy to clean, doesn’t require excessive force and is durable. It’s one of those items that last 20-30 years with proper maintenance.


Best Commercial Meat Grinder Review

Looking for the Best Commercial Meat Grinder on the marketplace?

Best Commercial Meat Grinder

Discovering the longest lasting and easiest to use  commercial meat grinder can appear a bit daunting initially. The process of finding the right grinder is rather easy one you develop the requirements you are looking for. The most typically asked concerns are: Just how much meat will you be grinding? How frequently will you be using the meat grinder? Exactly what type of meat will the grinder be utilized for? Just how much Horse power will you require? What accessories are offered for the grinder? And who has the very best warranty? As you can see there are plenty of concerns, but with the help of this short article, you will certainly have the response in a couple of minutes. Grinding meat is an easy and time conserving process for dining establishments and commercial cooking areas. If you are trying to find a constant end product a commercial meat grinder is a must. There are some terrific benefits to buying one and you’ll quickly benefit from the possible they have for making your establishment a superior item using ingredients you buy.

Just how much Meat will your Commercial Meat grinder be used for?
The number # 12 center grinds up to 250 lbs per hour and the # 22 hub models go up to 500 lbs. As you can see the # 22 size designs virtually have double the manufacturing output per hour, so if you anticipate heavy use throughout the day pick the heavier model. (there are # 12 center models that have 1/2 horsepower, however they are not for commercial use).

How commonly will you be utilizing the Commercial Meat Grinder?
If your restaurant just serves 300-400 hamburgers a week, then the smaller model could be utilized. If on the other hand you have a high volume company, certainly the bigger model will much better fit your purposes.

Just how much Horsepower will I need?
Even if you are going to be a periodic user of the Commercial Meat Grinder, we recommend specific minimums for both the # 12 and # 22 mills. Although there are 1/2 Horse power models, screening shows they struggle when used to process meat quickly, which is why somebody would get a grinder in the first place. So we recommend a minimum of 800 watts (1hp) for designs with # 12 hub and 1250 watts (1.5 hp) for the # 22 grinder.

What warranty does the very best Commercial Meat Grinder have?

The market standard is 1 year on parts and labor; nevertheless, most need sending the system back to the maker for repair works. If you depend on the grinder this might be of an obstacle since the common turn around will be from 2-3 weeks. For the expense of downtime in a busy kitchen area, it’s much better to have a smaller sized system as a backup. It’s a small cost to pay to ensure you have the ability to continue operations while your major meat grinder is out for repairs.

What Attachments had the Commercial Meat Grinder?
Most mills are going to feature 2 plates, typically a 1/8 inch plate and a 5/16 inch plate, and a plunger. There are sausage stuffers, hamburger patty makers, and other dies. It is best to make sure the Commercial meat grinder attachments has all the offered attachments you might need.

In Summary
The very best Commercial Meat Grinders are going to offer an adequate amount of power, accessories, and come with a great guarantee. Its best to shop around to find the best rate online when you have selected a brand name. Commercial Meat Grinders of today are being developed more successfully and with more durable elements so you know that you are going to get a consistent product and one that permits the owner to control the active ingredients you make use of. The grinder will certainly last a very long time and will provide you with years of use. A lot of grinders are able to stand up to the day to day use, however if you are on the fence as to get a bigger design, then you should. Once used companies will certainly not take them back for an exchange due to the possibility of contamination.

What size Univex Patty Paper Dividers are there?

Univex Patty Paper is known as one of one of the most popular hamburger press producers on the marketplace, making a large variety of designs that intend to assist folks change the task of creating perfect burger patties into a basic job. One of the most effective components about Univex hamburger presses is the truth that you could successfully generate greater than one burger patty each time by putting divider sheets between them. This function is remarkably cherished among those dining establishment proprietors who should cook some extra patties for hectic suppers and lunch times, also.

The most well-liked Univex hamburger patty paper produced by Univex are the 4 inch Univex 1000556 Wax Paper, Univex 1000557 Wax Paper, and the Univex 1000601 Wax Paper. Each paper is made use of for hamburger patties with a 4, 5 and 6-inch diameter respectively, which is why the waxed paper dividers they have have repaired sizes. While Univex 1404 comes with 4-inch paper divider panels, Univex 1405 has 5-inch ones and Univex 1406 has 6-inch ones.

When buying one of the aforementioned versions, clients will automatically get a supply of one thousand polished paper dividers they could put between the spheres of ground beef meat in order to produce more than one burger patty each time. Assuming that they one to produce only one, the paper divider should be utilized anyway, to avoid the meat from touching the surface of the Univex burger press device straight, to stay clear of ultimate troubles they may manage otherwise.

Once consumers complete their materials of one thousand waxed paper dividers, either the 4 ” Univex 1000556 Wax Paper, 5 ” Univex 1000557 Wax Paper, or the 6 ” Univex 1000601 Wax Paper, Univex allows them to buy brand-new ones individually by merely searching for the wanted term on major search engines or calling the customer services to ask. Their shape is completely round, so the patty paper could match the orifice of the device perfectly, and their polished surface will certainly avoid the meat from adhering to it throughout journalism procedure. Utilizing routine tissues or paper could not be handy offered that their structure is not sufficient for this kind of work.

Usually, a package of Univex 1000557 patty paper divider panels comes in a 5000 system package. The 5-inch waxed paper divider panels will set you back $82.95 usually, which is a practical rate value provided that such a supply could last for a couple of weeks or months without troubles. Buying regular waxed divider panels from various other suppliers will certainly not enable you to get the exact same quality offered by Univex, and possibilities are that they will not fit the orifice of the machine completely as they should.

Several online stores retail these Univex patty documents, which can introduce consumers a broad variety of advantages, keeping the patties secure and tidy at the same time. Bear in mind that these dividers can effectively simplify the job of creating excellent patties every single time, which is why you need to opt for them as opposed to other products or other makers.

In some cases, Univex patty paper may produce waxed paper divider panels that are square and not round, however they will certainly function equally as fine as round ones. Despite the fact that their form will not fit the one of the orifice completely, they will give the exact same superior quality and convenience of use, enabling you to quickly create hamburger patties and get the same outcomes you have hurt for.

Who makes the Best Patty Paper?

As many seasoned cooks comprehend, best cooking occurs to be a really indispensable part of making succulent culinary delights. More so when it comes to convenience foods such as hamburgers, which necessitate a great deal of unerring accuracy and dexterity to accomplish their famous look, and naturally savor. Among the most essential hamburger preparation aids, and specifically patties that a lot of flexible cooks, be they specialists or novices can’t do without are hamburger patty paper.

My Burger Daddy Patty Paper

Exactly what is hamburger patty paper?

Some people who might not be in the understand are probably asking themselves what is a hamburger patty paper? Well, the most basic answer is that these documents occur to be important hamburger patties separators, which can be found in very helpful in keeping the stability of these vital parts of hamburgers.

This, however, is by no suggests the only use hamburger patty papers, and they are also used in diverse kinds of food preparation processes. These documents normally are available in diverse shapes, sizes as well as composition (waxed/without wax). From which you can be in a position to select the right one for your unique requirements.

Apart from helping with effective separation of foods that have the tendency to adhere together, hamburger patty paper also are available in extremely useful in making sure efficient storage of such foods prior to cooking regardless of how long that might be.

Flexibility of hamburger patty papers.

Hamburger patty documents like previously mentioned are widely renowned for their unrivaled versatility in both the preparation and cold storage of lots of sorts of foodstuffs. These consist of varied sort of meat, cheese as well as vegetables that might be vulnerable to stick. This usually guarantees that such food can preserve their natural appearance even when stored in a freezer for long stretches of time.

Time-saving characteristics of the hamburger patty paper

Utilizing these crucial food preparation helps can make hamburger preparation considerably easier and quicker, which can be specifically useful in hectic commercial food outlets. For example, the majority of these establishments utilize hamburger presses, which by the usage of hamburger patty papers can ensure that they process numerous patties at a time. This can assist in their processing a multitude of hamburgers in a remarkable short time.

Accuracy of hamburger patties documents

Hamburger patty documents likewise go a long way in guaranteeing that your patties come out with their well-known rounded shape, which is clearly the joy of anyone that could consume your hamburgers. This is particularly true of convenience food café as well as restaurants, where it is essential to preserve a professional food preparation requirement in order to please and draw in more patrons.

Resilience and ease of use of hamburger patty documents

Hamburger patty papers are likewise noted for their toughness, which makes them exceptionally economical as a single one can be reused severally. Additionally, practically any cook regardless of their skill and experience can effectively use them to make top-rate hamburgers.

The next time you think about making hamburgers, and specifically their patties, it could be a good idea to make use of these the patty paper to keep the burgers separated. Which can aid you to make a long lasting impression on you household, pals, or customers, should you have a fast-food joint.

Is the Univex 1406 the Best 6″ Hamburger Press?

The Univex 1406 burger press is critical for all vendors who produce food or have a convenience food. Univex 1406 Burger Press is referred to as among the very best burger press offered on the marketplace, and even though its cost can be incredibly high, the product supplies ease of use and convenience due to the truth that it comes geared up with everything it needs to be a great and reliable press for burger patties.

Univex 1406

Among the main benefits of picking Univex 1406 Burger Press burger is the truth that it can effectively end up 6-inch burger patties that will certainly suffice to satisfy all your hungry patrons. Because you do not have to purchase frozen patties, you will certainly have less money to invest and, on top of that, a better quality and taste for your burger patties. That will be an important aspect that will certainly make previous clients come back and purchase even more from you.

Univex 1406 Burger Press consists of an anodized aluminum body will provide a resistant support and frame to extend the use of this burger press. Supplied that buying such a cooking area device stands for a huge, one-time investment, the resistance of the frame is very important, as it will certainly allow you to make use of the burger press for a longer time, ensuring you of an excellent quality, too.

Both the ejector and meat press (both made of stainless steel) will allow you to cut each piece of meat uniformly, so that you will certainly constantly serve all clients similarly. Remember that hamburgers, burgers, cheeseburgers and all the other sandwiches or dishes that are based on beef meat can taste even much better if the meat is effectively processed and prepared– and this consists of cutting it equally, too.

Another crucial element of picking Univex 1406 Burger Press is the fact that, once you buy it, you will certainly receive a supply of one thousand divider sheets. In case you need to cut a surplus of burgers for hectic lunches or dinners, the dividers will certainly allow you to prepare more than one piece of meat at once, to prevent wasting your time on each individually. If you run a busy dining establishment or convenience food and your customers order hamburgers on a regular basis, Univex 1405 will assist you survive all orders successfully.

The only prospective downside for the Univex 1406 Burger Press– which can be thought about more like a choice– is the reality that the upper section does not move up and down, as in case of other similar products of its kind. However, the manage works easily and effectively, producing burger patties precisely as anticipated.

To draw the bottom line, Univex 1406 Burger Press is a manual burger press that works well, without too many unfavorable reports or testimonials. Because the frame is so resistant, the life of this item can be extremely long, which will make your acquisition even worthier. Available at the high price of $569.59, this item offers everything you need to produce great patties your family or customers can quickly enjoy. What is even more, it can produce more than one patty at a time, which will certainly save you a great deal of moments of preparation.

Why do people like the Univex 1405?

Univex 1405 PressMaking the ideal burger with the Univex 1405 is as important as food preparation it the right way. For many years, there has been much discussion on the best ways to make the burger. Mamas obviously, claim that the conventional method of starting from scratch is best. In this day and age where quick is much better, any approach or device that can help make natural, home cooked meals much easier and quicker is welcomed.

Let’s focus on the fact that pre-prepared patties which can be purchased in grocery stores have actually been frozen for a long period of time. There could be ingredients, chemicals and whatever else there that have actually been masked as spices. If you’re a moms and dad or spouse who is worried about exactly what you’re eating, you will be thinking twice before buying these pre-packed goodies. After all, you wish to look after your family’s health. The reality check though is that preparing your very own burger patties from scratch can take so long.

Well, what if you had your very own Univex 1405 burger press? Yes, there’s such a thing. Now you can make perfectly packed, even, and perfectly shaped burger patties all the time. The burger press is economical and easy to use. It is ideal for career women as well as hectic partners who do want to assist in the cooking area.

As we all understand, cooking is an excellent way to alleviate the stresses of the day and is also a method to be creative and spontaneous.

Personalize Your Hamburgers

There is no single recipe for making burgers. Various people like putting in different cuts of meat and even different type of meat on their burgers. Some like a mix of sausage and lamb or beef meat for complete on taste. Others want the healthier variety and really want turkey, chicken or fish and even fish and shellfish hamburgers. The terrific aspect of the Univex 1405 Burger Press is that you can make any kind of burger that you desire and it will come out looking ideal all the time.

You may have experienced having burgers cook unevenly since they were not jam-packed properly if you were just making it at home. Likewise, there are times when the burger patties split and fall apart all over your grill or pan because of the same reason. This can become annoying for the individual who prepared the hamburgers in addition to the visitors who were looking forward to eating them. This can not take place with the Univex 1405 Burger Press.

Patty documents and divider sheet

Are you questioning why a hamburger press uses patty papers and divider sheets? It’s because the burger patties tend to stick if there are no dividers. Another reason is that it is simpler to manage the patties when they are lined with the special patty paper. You simply hold it by the base and gently peel of the paper once the burgers are on the grill or pan.

One more advantage is that the liners can take in excess fluid or drippings from the burger patty and prevent your gorgeous patties from degenerating.

The Univex 1405 Hamburger Press is easy to use and is safe for youngsters. This can turn burger patty making time into a fun activity that you and your children can enjoy. And if you make a lot of patties at a time, the cost savings are considerable. This is a fantastic product.

A Review of the Univex 1404

Univex 1404Univex 1404 Hamburger Press always has a brand-new thing to provide the market. Most people remain in touch with the business to be updated on any home appliances currently in the market. It offers a wide range of slicers, peelers, meat grinders, sheeters and rounders at a budget-friendly rate to meet your dining establishments needs. Most of its items are innovation oriented to make work much easier and quicker. It has been a business that integrates security with efficiency in their items. Have you heard of the brand-new foodstuff on the marketplace? If not, then have a look at the 4 inch Univex 1404 Hamburger Press mold.


The Univex 1404 Hamburger Press has an anodized body made of aluminum, together with a stainless steel bowl. It has been designed to make it simple for customers to utilize. It has a single-lever manual which takes not time to start working. It can swiftly mold as much as 6 ounces into the necessary 4 inch dimension patties. The Univex 1404 Hamburger Press likewise features a supply of 1000 divider sheets which will certainly allow you to stack them. A restaurant with a wide range of consumer requirements will obviously find it helpful while at the same time conserving cash. Clients will certainly have the ability to delight in good looking high quality burger. It is thus crucial to try to find various kind of the foodstuff you can make with this home appliance.

Consistent Burgers

The Univex 1404 patty press Hamburger Press has a stainless steel bowl and the ejector where meat is pushed perfectly while being cut into required pieces every time. Almost everybody understands the dominance of hamburgers on the menus of their dining establishments. Exactly what most of them don’t know is the result of a newly and easily cut hamburger meat has on consumers. Many people have started to comprehend that the taste of beef is much better when molded. When the burger looks fresh, looks symmetrical, cooks uniformly and tastes great, that is what invites back clients to your location.


There has actually never been a doubt about the wellness advantages of fish to a person’s health. Ranging from increasing immunity t simply improving your appetite, fish products are undoubtedly scrumptious. They can be even more delicious if there is some uniformity in the means there pieces are sliced to come up with a completed enticing food product. You will certainly never ever ask anybody on what food products the Univex 1404 Hamburger Press can make. All that is needed is to press them by your manual operation lever and the ejector will certainly cut them into the required density you desire. Within no time at all, you will be able to offer the numerous lunch needs for fishcakes for your consumers.

Crab cakes

The Univex 1404 Hamburger Press can do the same with fishcakes. Foodstuff with an aquatic origin have become control in the market. One good example of that are crab cakes. Have you tasted them? With such a high need food, restaurants need to creatively ensure that these products are available anytime and in the needed sizes and shapes. With the addition of this Univex 1404 Hamburger Press in the cooking area you will certainly have the ability to stack numerous crab cakes within minutes. You’ll constantly have a true 4 inch or 5 inch patty for you clients. Exactly what will wow you most is the consistent manner where this appliance molds food products.

Lastly, you can easily save money on expenses of food by utilizing Univex 1404 Hamburger Press home appliance. You will be able to make fishcakes, burgers as well as crab cakes for your consumers. This item is available in at a cost of $570 or less relying on your vendor. The speed and harmony with which the pieces are pushed and cut is exactly what makes it exceptional. It might just be what you have to get clients flowing back into your restaurant.

What is a Commercial Hamburger Press?

What is a Commercial Hamburger Press Used for? written by: Michael Zarwinski

Commercial Hamburger Press

A commercial hamburger press is one of the most vital things that a person who wants to make hamburgers on a large scale a needs.  If you go to any of the on or offline shops, you will  realize that the majority of purchasers are restaurant owners. There also are lots of types and brand names that you can pick from depending upon what you wish to utilize them for, and how you wish to make the hamburgers. Nevertheless, despite the fact that these products are popular, there is no contesting the reality that some individuals have no idea what makes a good commercial hamburger press. There are those who have only become aware of them, but lack a deep understanding of their use. So, what is a burger press used for?

The major use of a commercial hamburger press is to assist you in making burgers that are consistent and that are made very quickly. Hamburger patties produced by one of these machines saves the restaurant owner a lot of money by producing a high quality product quickly. For instance, lots of people like them because the patties are consistently round and flat.  The process of making burgers on the commercial hamburger press is quite simple. You dish out the correct amount of product on a scale. Remember they need to be consistent so they cook at the same time.

Lots of people choose to find a commercial hamburger press that is also dishwasher safe. This is because in the majority of cases, you require something that can be cleaned quickly, especially when it is used all the time. For instance, people who utilize their press in a restaurant do not want to worry about cross contaminating other food products.  One of the main reasons commercial hamburger presses are made from Metal is that they are typically easy to clean and are not porous. Nevertheless, the good thing is that there is nothing to stress over specifically when you know that there are companies like My Burger Daddy that manufacture high quality commercial hamburger presses.

Another crucial element is to look for a product that can endure continued use in any kitchen or cafeteria. This is the only guarantee that you can have that the items will last for a long time.  This is where plastic falls short.  Think of the hassle of purchasing a new commercial burger press every 2-3 months. Once again the better models are going to be made from stainless steel. Many people who end up with inadequate quality items are those who look for the cheapest product on the market.  Its great to save on a purchase, but understand that there is nothing that you will certainly get when you spend a few dollars less and end up with inadequate quality.

Another essential function to try to find when you require to get a hamburger press is the adjustable depth. You need to look for something that has a quickly adjustable depth feature. Oftentimes, the type of hamburger patties that you can create depend largely on the ease with which you can use the items. With something like my burger daddy line of hamburger presses, you can be assure of the very best since they possess the good functions.

What is a Hamburger Press?

Pointers for Purchasing the Best Hamburger Press written:  by  Vivianne Lehey

What is a hamburger press? This is a question that sometimes is more puzzling than responsive. Lots of people take pleasure in eating burgers.  As such, presses are used by commercial dining establishments to meet that need.  But presses can be used in the house too. Hamburger presses are found in various sizes and varieties. They are likewise made from different materials varying from metal to plastic. When buying a press, it is smart to go for one that will is easy to use, simple to clean and doesn’t take up excess storage space.

When buying a press, it is essential to consider the following:

Size:  Most presses in the market have a standard sized surface area of 4 and 5-inches. A typical press has the ability to make hamburger patties that weigh about a quarter of a pound. Bigger presses are likewise offered for those individuals who wish to prepare bigger burgers. There are presses that can prepare a burger patty that weighs as much as a pound. It is wise to choose the right size depending on the application and performance.

Hamburger Press

Quantity:   A double hamburger press is the best appliance to have if you plan to make a lot of hamburgers.  Conventional presses can only make a single burger at a time, whereas a double burger maker can make 2 burger patties at a time.  In most casers a double burger maker is too much for the home, however it is the very best model if you offer burgers for a living. A hamburger press is also appropriate for making patties if you are hosting a celebration.  In this scenario, both a single or a double press will certainly save you a lot of effort and time.

Material Used:  A huge majority of hamburger presses are made from steel or aluminum. These presses are very durable however, they have a tendency to be heavy. In addition, the meat will often than stick on the surface area.  To alleviate the weight problem some hamburger presses are available in plastic.  These are some of the benefits. They are light in weight and the meat does not stick on the surface area, however they are not especially durable.  To reduce the sticking problem, wax paper should certainly be used on the bottom surface area of the press.  Using a waxed paper is appropriate for aluminum, steel and plastic presses.

Ease of cleaning and storage:  A plastic hamburger press is convenient to clean. Wiping the surface area does not take a lot of effort. Metal presses will typically require some scrubbing for the excess meat to be removed. Double presses tend to be larger in size than conventional ones.  As a result they need more cabinet space. On the other hand, conventional hamburger presses have the tendency to be reasonably sized and are easy to store.

Purchase Price:  This is a crucial consideration any purchase. A vast bulk of these appliances are inexpensive. Plastic presses are more affordable than the ones made from steel and aluminum. They are inexpensive however they do not have a long product life.  In the other direction, metal double presses cost more due to their additional functionality and material size.

A hamburger press is a must have appliance for all burger enthusiasts. When making a decision to purchase one, it is smart to take some time and shop online for more details. Making an informed selection when buying such an appliance might just end up helping make a great burger and conserving you a significant quantity of cash.

Stuffed Burger Press Review

Exactly what are the advantages of a plastic Stuffed Burger Press? composed by:  Simone Reynolds

Stuffed Burger Press

A hamburger press is an essential device in any kitchen area. There are several burger presses in the marketplace today that vary in their make and efficiency. Burger presses are made from different materials such as plastic, aluminum and steel.  Prior to buying a plastic stuffed burger press, the majority of clients need to understand the downsides of a plastic Stuffed Burger Press?

For starters, a plastic stuffed burger press is normally less costly than the metal choices. But, does this low price tag compromise on efficiency?


The most substantial drawback of a plastic stuffed burger press is that it is highly inefficient. Users have to employ excessive amount of manual effort when making their burgers. You start by filling the bottom of the press with your burger meat and then stuff it with your other ingredients.  The problem is that the leading seal often does not press the top burger successfully, thus forcing users to manually press the leading edge of the burger to the bottom. This manual stuffing results in a burger that is far from uniform. Some parts are thick while others are thin. As such, cooking ends up being a tough task. How? When a burger is not equal throughout its surface area, it implies that the parts will certainly not get equal heat. During that case, some parts will overcook while others under-cook.


Plastic is a material that is rather difficult to clean. This is because it tends to hang on to oil even when thought to be thoroughly cleaned. When a plastic stuffed burger press is utilized for a long period of time, the oil from foods may collect gradually and make the gadget seem unclean. Some individuals could argue that you can get the oil off by only utilizing hot water. However, warm water makes plastic products deform hence it makes the burger cook unevenly. Another issue in the health department is the fact that plastic gets quickly scratched. When the burger press is scratched, food bits eventually get stuck in between the scratches. This can lead to food contamination triggered by build-up of bacteria in the scratches.


A plastic stuffed burger press produces a burger that is a bit too small for most people. In essence, these presses produce burgers and patties that are too small for standard buns. As such, users are forced to search for small buns when shopping; which can be quite difficult to find. Additionally, users have the tendency to secure the stuffed burger and flatten it using a rolling pin or with their hands. This additional shaping not only distorts the shape of the burger, it defeats the purpose of having a hamburger in the first place.


Plastic is not a resilient material. In the case of the plastic burger press, it easily breaks or cracks when it drops. Users have actually likewise grumbled that if you press your burger too hard, excessive pressure might break it apart. This means that when one purchases a plastic press, they will eventually have to get a new one after a brief period of time.


A plastic stuffed burger press will cost over $10.  And if you have to replace them, which you will, the replacement costs makes this a costly financial investment over time.


A plastic stuffed burger press might look like a good deal at first, particularly due to the low price tag. However, its inadequacy and health threats make it a gadget worth ignoring.

Review for the Eurodib HF-130

BEST HAMBURGERS WITH THE EURODIB HF- 130 written by: Thomas Chesney

Eurodib HF-130
Eurodib HF-130

Almost everyone who walks into a restaurant or food café is open to enjoying a great hamburger. hamburgers are among the leading convenience foods that encompasses a complete dish. It is easy to make and easy to consume.  Effectively, it is what your clients are searching for.  The only distinction is the capability to offer a same size burger quickly at no extra expense in order to retain consumer commitment.

The foundation of a great hamburger is uniform sizes without compromising on the quality of the product.  “My Burger Daddy” brand in conjunction with other brands such as Eurodib HF-130 burger accessories facilitates consistency and flavor richness of this wonderful one-go meal.  These leading manufacturers can assure that you will attain a consistent product one burger after another.

Functions of the Eurodib HF- 130

1. The design of the Eurodib HF- 130 produces a 5 inch hamburger press that continuously keeps the exact same size and shape of the burgers.

2. The Eurodib HF-130 is simple to work and accelerates the entire process of making a terrific burger within the shortest time possible.

3. The base of the Eurodib HF-130 is made of an alloy– anodized aluminum.  It offers a stronger base than plastic.  With a consistent sized burger, the cooking time is predictable making a repeatable process much faster. The metal base is strong enough to deal with the pressure of continuous motion.  Therefore you do not have to get stressed out about needing to repair the equipment often.

4. The Eurodib HF-130 is equipped with a rubber grip.  It reduces slippage and enhances the ability to easily provide a proper pressure when pressing the burger.

Benefits of Eurodib HF-130

1. The Eurodib HF 130 provides its customers with the most innovative structure of streamlining the procedure of making burgers. The hamburgers will certainly not be different in terms of size or shape, however they will be proficiently pressed throughout the process.

2.  The Eurodib HF-130 reduce the need to employ workers to make hamburgers which are the same size.  By keeping the sizes even, restaurants can reduce their overall costs because they know the exact amount meat they would need to process a pre-determined number of burgers.

3. The Eurodib HF-130 burger press conserves time in the burger manufacturing process.   As a matter of truth the majority of restaurant are able to successfully increase their business while satisfy the huge demand that increases from this adjustment.

A product evaluation for the Eurodib HF-130 demonstrates the satisfaction level of contentment by dining establishments as they work to make their hamburgers seen as pleasing to their client’s cravings. The level of consumer loyalty is likewise enhanced as more customers engage their social and professional networking connections by expressing their contentment of getting a great burger.

Eurodib HF-100 Product Review

Product testimonial for the Eurodib HF-100 written by: Susan Hartwell

Anybody who has actually tried making a homemade burger can confirm to the truth that the majority of the time, the sizes and shape simply does not come out right. Burger size is exceptionally vital considering that the last thing you want is to have a burger that is too little, or too big for the bun; or one that does not prepare evenly. Devices are employed to make life simpler which is precisely what the Eurodib HF-100 does. This is the ideal tool for anybody who has a keen sense of making an ideal burger. This hamburger press can be termed as the very best in the market due to its features and efficiency.

Eurodib HF-100
Eurodib HF-100


Stainless steel mold.

Sheet holder.

Rubber Coated Handle

Built from an anodized aluminum alloy.

Weighs 13.2 pounds.

Its dimensions – 12.75 x 10.75 x 8.5.


One of the very best features about this product is that it does not limit users to beef burgers. It can be used to completely make sausage patties, veggie burgers, crab cakes and many more treats.

This gadget is extremely easy to use. The user need only to put their ground active ingredients in to it, draw the lever and the gadget develops the ideal burger. The Eurodib HF-100 remains true to the purpose of a hamburger press by creating uniform burgers throughout. Users will not fret about getting a burger that is too small or too big. It molds patties to a diameter of 3.94 inches, which is a basic size. The function of uniform items also makes food preparation easy. How? A well shaped and pushed item typically cooks uniformly and sufficiently resulting in a burger that is neither under or over cooked.

The Eurodib HF-100 has a compact design that is clearly understood from its dimensions. This suggests that it can easily fit in to any kitchen size without suffocating the offered space. Likewise, it weighs only 13.2 pounds thus making it easily portable. Users can conveniently use it in their kitchen areas as well as bring it to the outdoors throughout cookouts. The device has a built-in sheet holder that facilitates performance during use.

This device has a rubber handle that makes dealing with it extremely simple. When one uses effort on the lever, the rubber prevents any incident of slipping due to firm pressing.  The parts of this hamburger press that can be found actually touching the food are made of stainless steel. This ensures that the food will certainly not get contaminated even after several years of usage. The stainless steel makes the gadget durable because stainless steel is among the strongest metals in the world.  And it is not susceptible to rusting or any form of deterioration.

Having a high quality hamburger press guarantees that users will constantly consume fresh and safe hamburgers. This item review for the Eurodib HF-100 clearly discloses that this gadget is one of the very best of its kind in the market. It incorporates effectiveness and convenience in its design and use. It offers users the possibility to enjoy their treats with a difference.